Rich Howard, Author: personal updates, reviews, writing and general geekery

Board and RPG Game Reviews: yeah, that

Paizo Publishing: creators of the current, best-selling version of the original RPG, as well as a one-stop-shop for some of the best in gaming products.

Alluria Publishing: the minds behind the brilliant Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting and supplements.

Misfit Studios: the team bringing you the upcoming Pathfinder Guide to Lycanthropes as well as the lycanthropic fantasy horror setting, SpirosBlaak. Also check out the beautiful RPG for younger gamers, Faery's Tale, co-authored by Misfit Studios' Christina Stiles.

Pathfinder Google+ Community: active community for players, GMs and aspiring game designers

Christopher West: cartographer extraordinaire, V.C.G.*, and the mind behind the maps of the stunning new RPG, Numenera.

John Michael Perkins: gamer, author and G.A.P.**

Monte Cook: RPG superstar, V.C.G. and one of the innovators that resurrected the world's oldest RPG

Todd Lockwood: artist, novelist, V.C.G. and one of the visionary eyes behind the stunning art of DnD v3.0 and beyond

 * =  Very Cool Guy
** =  Generally Awesome Person

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