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Here you'll find our group's current Pathfinder activities. I'll post updates, session summaries, photos of our current campaigns and one-shot adventures, as well as advice on gaming, recommended tools, and links.

Our current campaign is the Jade Regent Adventure Path from Paizo Publishing. Our regular gaming group is made up of four players in addition to myself:

Mitch: Rillka Troutwood, halfling Scout, student survivalist who hero worships Shalelu
John: Pasara "Paz" Elezandru, Varisian Master Summoner, best friend of Sandru and Ameiko, hero worships Koya
Lauren: Keiko "Locke" Kaijitsu, Tian-Ma Vivisectionist, little sister of Ameiko
Victor: Antax, Deformed Ophiduan Dread, hero worships Ameiko after she rescued him

Guest players will include my wife, Megan, and others as their lives allow.

About Pathfinder (aka: Dungeons and Dragons v3.75)

When Dungeons and Dragons v3.0 (and v3.5) came on the scene in the late '90s, Wizards of the Coast included something called the Open Gaming License. This license allowed ANYONE to create material for DnD v3.0, publish it and sell it. This injected incredible vitality into a game that had been dying a slow death for many years.

After Wizards of the Coast decided to stop producing v3.5 material, Paizo Publishing-who had been producing Dragon and Dungeon Magazines for v3.5, decided to put all their knowledge and skill into producing an improved version of the most popular system in the world. That is Pathfinder.

Images in this blog have been collected from a variety of sources over decades, including screen-captures from video games such as Neverwinter Nights, support products for 3rd and 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons, open-source sites, artistic friends, and who knows where else. Some have been modified by players using Photoshop and other programs. No copyright challenge is meant by the posting of any images in this blog and links to original source material will be provided whenever possible.

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