Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fires Over Brinestump: The Final Confrontation

Paz's new catchphrase
For a behind the scenes look at the setup of this adventure, check out Behind the Screen: The Final Confrontation.

After their first real fight as a group, the party finds their confidence shaken, though working through their personal issues restored some of their resolve. The party returns to Sandpoint for healing, Walthus Proudstump in tow.

As thanks for his help, Paz gives Walthus a gem from their earnings. Antax, having seen Walthus' love and appreciation for his serpentine form, asks Locke (Keiko) to collect a vial of his blood. Antax gives the vial to Walthus with great reverence. Walthus couldn't be more honored.

Home Again, Home Again

The party visited Koya for healing and advice. Koya revealed that the Soggy River Monster was actually a Wrath Sinspawn, a remnant of the Runelords rule thousands of years ago. Sheriff Balor pays out 1000gp to the party for goblin ears and Gutwad's head, as well as a bonus of 300gp for killing the Soggy River Monster. He's shocked at seeing such a creature up close. During the conversation with the party, Balor accidentally calls Antax a lizardfolk. Antax has heard this kind of insult before, but it conflicted with his growing respect for the sheriff. Antax verbally explodes, his anger and fear seeping into the rest of the party. Horrified, Balor sincerely apologizes; he'd never seen any reptilian humanoids that weren't lizardfolk.